Posted by: Tina | January 16, 2010

Workout #1

Today was workout #1 in my triathlon training. It was just an easy 25 minute run, keeping my heart rate below 145 beats per minute (bpm). It was sometimes hard to keep the heart rate down though because I pretty much live at the top of a hill, so I always have to go uphill for the end of the workout – I was practically walking in the last ten minutes or so to keep the heart rate down. I was running at the pace that I started running at more than a decade ago (when I would struggle to complete even 15 minutes straight jogging). Today I hardly broke a sweat, and it was tough mentally because it was easier than my normal workouts. I want to push harder most of the time. But I’m just coming back from being sick for 3 (!!!) whole weeks, so I shouldn’t push it too much anyway.

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