Posted by: Tina | January 31, 2010

Workout #13

Thank goodness for rest days. Saturday will always be my scheduled rest day and, therefore, something great to look forward to. Although it’s pretty hard to lay completely low with a toddler and a baby running amok in the house, it was nice to sleep in (by agreement with my husband) and basically not worry about heading out for a workout.

That was yesterday so today was a heart rate run test. I went to the track and, after warming up a bit, I had to run 1km at my fastest race pace, record my heart rate average and max, completely cooldown, and then do the same thing twice. I went to the Eric Hamber High School track and was disappointed to find it is just concrete, so it isn’t exactly pleasant for running. Anyhow, my times and heart rates for the 1km intervals were as follows:

1: 4:21, avg 169bpm, max 178
2: 4:18, avg: 177bpm, max 182
3: 4:26, avg: 205bpm, max 223

Hey, I have never claimed to be a fast runner. Those times were me going breathlessly hard, and still over 4 minutes a kilometre! The last heart rate reading seems a bit wonky to me, because I didn’t feel like I was working much harder than the last 2 times. I sent those times to Kristina and she called it “interesting”, because she thought my heart rates would be much higher. Not sure what to read into that, but she will be basing some of my future training around these numbers.

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