Posted by: Tina | February 1, 2010

Workout #14

Today was a great swim workout. I had next to no shoulder pain (no idea why), and I tried out a pool only 5 minutes from my place. I was worried there would be only one lane, full of dog paddlers, but I was wrong. The pool had 3 lanes set up and it wasn’t too busy. The dog paddlers were there, but they stuck to the slow lane. The pool also really emptied out by the second half of my workout, which was great. It isn’t the Vancouver Aquatic Centre, but I’ll take a 25 metre pool a five-minute drive from my house any day.

I felt great throughout the swim, completing a total of 1600 metres. Kristina has been giving me swim workouts, which are pretty new as I have always gone to the pool and just done continuous laps of freestyle. I sure built endurance that way but I pretty much plateaued at about 1 minute per 50 metres. I have hope that with these workouts, I might actually get faster at swimming! The only problem is that as I build speed in a workout, my form starts to deteriorate. Today, she had me do 3×50 metre sets, building speed with each 50 metres. I had a tendency to start really slow with great form and then I became a mad flailing mess as I got to my final 50 metres. And I’m not even sure that I was much faster.

The next few weeks are going to be a bit of a challenge for getting to my swim workouts, just because the Olympics are on and there are road closures and parking restriction at both my usual pools. I may have to commute out to Burnaby to get in my workouts.

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