Posted by: Tina | February 5, 2010

Workout #18

Today I was scheduled for a 90 minute outside ride. I wasn’t able to do so, partly because my bike needs a serious tune-up and also because I didn’t have someone to babysit. Instead, I was able to fit in a 60-minute ride on the trainer before the baby woke up. I asked Kristina if riding the trainer would be adequate replacement for an outside ride and she said that using a trainer is even better for improving fitness, just because you don’t have the coasting and stops that you get outside. However, riding for a couple of hours on the trainer can be very boring, which is why getting outside is a better idea just to hold your interest for the scheduled workout duration. Luckily, I had the last episode of the second season of Mad Men to get through so I watched that for part of the workout, and then observed the growing puddle of sweat beneath my bike until I heard the baby yelling at me from his crib that he would take kindly to being picked up and fed.

Tomorrow is a rest day (hooray!), and then I’m skiing for a couple of days. Apparently that shall suffice for my run workout just because skiing works the legs so much. Also, next week starts my first “rest week”, so I don’t feel so bad missing/postponing a couple workouts.

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