Posted by: Tina | February 15, 2010

Workout #24 (in the pool with the kids)

Today I experienced my first true Olympics inconvenience. A couple of schools are closed over the Olympics period so there are special swim lessons scheduled over the next couple of weeks in the pool where I train (and which is usually empty on a weekday afternoon). That made for an unpleasantly packed pool this afternoon. The two lanes open for lap swimming had six or seven people in each – in a 25 metre pool – so it made for a lot of passing and stopping.

This was a test swim day and this is what I recorded:
100 m all out: 1min, 40secs
750 m fast: 16 minutes

Those times look slow to me! I used to be able to do 800 metres in 16 minutes and that was at my plateau slow, steady pace. Obviously, I have some work to do with my swimming. I also think I need to start looking at my nutrition and eating patterns in terms of when and what I eat before workouts.

I also saw my physiotherapist today and she tells me my left scapula and upper back have more “tone” than my right side as I am compensating for some kind of long-standing injury in my left shoulder. She gave me some exercises to do, so hopefully those will help. She also told me to get my husband to give me a massage every night to loosen up the left side, so yay for having a legitimate reason for asking for a massage every night.

* * *

Headed to the gym this evening for a quick strength workout. Not as many meatheads tonight but I always feel like a fish out of water when I get in the weight room. And the guys in there aren’t exactly subtle when they eye me in a “what the hell is she doing here?” way as I walk in.


  1. […] of 100m in 2:05 – 2:10, with very little rest between each. I think she based that time on my swim the other day but today I was getting under 2 minutes for each of those 100m sets, which is closer to my usual […]

  2. […] Headed over to Percy Norman Pool this evening for a great test swim. Compared to my February 15 test, I am definitely faster, although this may be partially because my lane had far fewer people in it […]

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