Posted by: Tina | February 17, 2010

Workout #26 (track = pain)

A glorious day again in Vancouver and headed to Swangard Stadium for another track workout. Although parts of the track were still in shade when I got there and were a bit icy, the rest of the track was in sun and it was warm. The parks guy was cutting the lawn as well, so it even smelled like summer. After warming up, I basically had to run 8 x 200m at race pace, with a 200 m recovery between each. As with before, with my race pace at 45 minutes for 10 km, each 200m had to be complete in under 54 seconds.  I finished each of the sets about 5-8 seconds faster than that, but the last one or two sets were pretty hard, as I wasn’t able to catch my breath as quickly in the recovery. The goal is to increase these distances over the next few weeks, so this workout is going to get a whole lot harder.

On my way out, I had a fleeting thought that maybe I do want to have one more kid after all. Thankfully, fleeting was all it was. I think I would have to be crazy to go through another pregnancy and infancy. I mentioned the thought to my husband this evening and he laughed and said I probably had the thought just after a hard track workout because I felt like it would be nice to be pregnant and not feel like I have to go and workout. He may just be right.

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