Posted by: Tina | February 18, 2010

Workout #27 (splish splash)

Went to the pool today, which was blessedly devoid of children this afternoon. I had a double wide lane shared with just one other person. My shoulder pain flared up a bit at the start, but then dissipated about 10 minutes in. I find if I focus very hard on proper form, I don’t get pain. I think it is interesting that sometimes we just need to get injured to learn proper form.

For the main set, Kristina asked me to do 10 sets of 100m in 2:05 – 2:10, with very little rest between each. I think she based that time on my swim the other day but today I was getting under 2 minutes for each of those 100m sets, which is closer to my usual pace. It is possible that my Monday swim was just an off day, and it was busy in the pool so that could also have thrown me off. I have always been able to do 100m in about 2 minutes (20 mins for a km), which was basically exactly what I did today. Sadly I have never been able to go faster than that, and I am hoping this training will get me there.

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