Posted by: Tina | February 19, 2010

Workout #28 (on the road!)

I know it is winter somewhere in the world, but it sure didn’t feel like winter today here in Vancouver. There are few other cities in Canada where you can go for a road bike ride in February wearing only a single layer of clothing. Today I went for my first ride out on the road since September 2008. I even had to cut off the race number still attached to my bike before heading out for today’s ride. My assigned ride was only 90 easy minutes on the bike, so I went for a spin to Iona Beach Park. It is a pretty popular ride for cyclists in Vancouver as the road out there is a relatively long stretch of low-traffic uninterrupted road close to the city. I felt surprisingly comfortable back in my clips and navigating some of the more heavily-trafficked parts of the city, such as the Arthur Laing bridge.

I seriously love riding my bicycle. Within five minutes of getting on the bike route out, I was singing “I love riding my bike. I love my bike!” as I pedaled. I am sure the fact that I was in glorious sunshine worked wonders on elevating my mood as well.


I did a strength training program this afternoon as well. The program is nice and short, and I was in and out of the gym within 45 minutes. I am already noticing strength gains and, quite frankly, my legs are looking nothing short of fabulous these days.

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