Posted by: Tina | February 28, 2010

Workout #34 (Olympic high)

Although I was dreading it in the morning, I managed to fit in a 65-minute slow run between the gold medal hockey game and the Olympic closing ceremonies. I’m glad I waited until later in the day as it ended up being a beautiful sunny afternoon, and I had an opportunity to soak up some of the euphoria engulfing Vancouver right after Canada’s gold medal win. I ran a route that took me through some of the action along the border between east and west Vancouver. People were giving me high fives as I ran past (I was wearing red, by accident not intention), and my run was punctuated by horns honking and countless “wooooooooo!”s.

It was a gorgeous afternoon and it seems as if the cherry blossoms have exploded across the city over the last week (the irony of which is not lost on me as Vancouver closes the Winter Olympics). I felt great as I ran, partly because of the aforementioned euphoria, but also because I had no knee pain and I was well-rested today.  Some days my long run feels long, but thankfully not today.

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