Posted by: Tina | March 2, 2010

Core Strength

This morning I also went to the gym and did the strength program for the first time in a week and a half. I really need to focus on building my core, especially after reading this article about core training from Joe Friel. In the article he refers to in his new post, he says the bottom line is “the core muscles are at least as critical to running stability and performance as are the feet.”

Post-pregnancy, my core was absolute jello. I remember playing around this last summer with a basketball and I couldn’t even throw the ball properly towards the net! About 2 months post-partum, I also tried to lie down with 15 lb weights so I could do chest presses, and I basically fell back on the bench, and then I had to drop the weights on the ground so that I could roll myself off the bench to get back to sitting. It might sound funny now, but it was pretty depressing at the time. Seeing what having babies did to my body really made me realize just how integral the core is to everything we do (my core was much weaker after my second baby than with the first). Thus, for improved sports performance, building a strong core is absolutely critical.

Unfortunately, the strength stuff is the first thing to fall by the wayside when my time gets eaten up by my other workouts and, well, life. I’m pretty disciplined about my other workouts – I definitely need to train that discipline on getting in the strength work as well.

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