Posted by: Tina | March 3, 2010

Workout #37 (thank GOD that is over)

The only part of today’s track workout I was even slightly looking forward to was the 10 minute jog cooldown. My workout today was 8x600m at race pace, with 200m recovery in between each. I was dreading it because of how painful it was last week. I didn’t prepare for today by drinking too much the night before though, so it didn’t feel nearly as awful. It was, however, still pretty terrible.

According to my calculations, race pace for each 600m set was 2:42. My actual times are below:

1: 2:31
2: 2:36
3: 2:38
4: 2:37
5: 2:39
6: 2:41
7: 2:37
8: 2:37

You can see that I charged out pretty fast, and then paid for it by slowing down a lot. I could feel myself fatiguing by #6 and unconsciously slowing down. As soon as I became conscious of it, I didn’t allow myself to let up over the last two sets, which brought my time back down. It felt so good to be finished today.

Because I’m in week 3 of my build and I get a recovery week next week, today was my last track workout for 2 weeks. Hooray!

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