Posted by: Tina | March 13, 2010

Tina is a cougar

I’ve started to read other training and triathlon blogs, just to get tips and advice and see what others are doing while training. I love how one blog leads to another and then another, and then all of a sudden I’ve been sitting in front of the computer for the entire afternoon nap and I haven’t even sat and relaxed like I had planned. Anyhow, a few links I have been enjoying this afternoon:

  • Triathlon Training Blog:  I know we have all seen this story before, but I never get tired of it – overweight coach potato starts small then gets crazy fit. Plus, she’s a mom. I know I can do it too!
  • Triathlon Training Blog (#2): Ah, to be young and childless and free to train when and how you please.
  • Clara Hughes’ Journal: She really is an amazing athlete and person. Her journal makes for some interesting reading. Great quote in one of her posts:  “Pain is pain. Endurance sport allows for no escape from it.” I think I can safely say my track workouts are not painful AT ALL to this caliber of athlete.
  • Simon Whitfield’s Blog: He’s got a 2.5 year old daughter, and infant son so he’s not that different from me! Except for the pro triathlete part. Oh, and the gold and silver medals. Right.
  • Mike Adams – Triathlete: After getting past the hideous splash page, I have now joined the ranks of the cougars.

There are more, but I really need to take advantage of the afternoon nap. Off I go for some laying about.

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