Posted by: Tina | March 14, 2010

Workout #45 (on the treadmill)

This is the last day of my slow and easy week. I had planned on going for a run in the morning as it was beautiful and sunny, but our hot water tank died so I had to watch the kids while my husband tried to figure out the problem. By the time I had an opportunity to do my easy 45-minute run in the late afternoon, it was pouring rain, so I went across the street to use a treadmill at the gym. Thankfully, Sunday afternoons are very quiet over there and I got to stay on one treadmill for the entire run. Normally, there is a ridiculously short 20-minute limit on all the cardio machines and you can only sign up for one 20-minute block at a time!  Because I went at such a light pace, the run felt great and it was nice to be able to listen to music for a change. When I go outside for a run, I never bring the iPod because it’s a pain in the ass to carry. I noticed today though that it’s probably better not to listen to music as my stride tends to change to match the beat of the music, which I can’t imagine is a good idea.

I must now steel myself for 3 more weeks of build. <sigh>

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