Posted by: Tina | March 15, 2010

Workout #46 (Test swim)

Headed over to Percy Norman Pool this evening for a great test swim. Compared to my February 15 test, I am definitely faster, although this may be partially because my lane had far fewer people in it than last time.

These are the times I recorded:
100 m all out: 1min, 35secs
750 m fast: 13mins, 30secs

I think there is a possibility that the second time is off a bit though, as I got home and was just pretty sure that it was 13 minutes, not 14 minutes. However, even if it was 14 minutes, it was still faster than my 16 minute time in February.

I am glad that I am getting faster. After all, I have been following my training plan! My shoulder is also not giving me much pain anymore. There are many reasons for this: almost nightly massages from my excellent husband, doing the exercises assigned by my physiotherapist, and working on proper stroke form which I think may have made me somewhat more efficient. I think I need to get my stroke assessed by a professional though, as I am aware that self-correcting my form could end up causing more harm than good in the long term.

I had two rewards at the end of the swim: 1) a hot shower, which felt amazing mostly because our hot water tank isn’t working at home so we haven’t had hot water for more than 2 days (getting fixed tomorrow), and 2) a hot caramel sundae from McDonald’s. I thought about going home and just having yogurt with fruit, but decided that just wouldn’t cut it. Clearly, it was the right decision.

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