Posted by: Tina | March 19, 2010

Workouts #49 and #50 (spring is here!)

Spring is here! And with the time change this last weekend, the evenings have more light. I am loving it.

Last night was an intensity trainer ride, followed by a 15 minute run. Overall, it was great, although I felt slow on the run. Oh, and my bike fell off the trainer, taking me with it. That sucked. I am sporting a whole new set of bruises, but am otherwise uninjured. I did the workout in our garage so luckily I fell on empty space on the floor. If I had been on the back deck, I would have landed on the glass doors into the house and I can’t imagine that would have been a good thing.

Today I hit the pool and felt pretty good. I forget how much more work it is to swim in a 50m pool, although the extra space to spread out the other swimmers is nice. Swimming at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre is also humbling, because I’m usually the fastest swimmer at most of the community centre pools in which I train, probably because most of the other swimmers are seniors breaststroking perpendicular in the water. At the VAC, I’m a pretty solid medium speed lane swimmer and I marvel at how those in the fast lanes can be so fast! After a bunch of drills, I had to do 2 x (5x100s), maintaining the same time for each 100m, with a 10 second rest. I couldn’t do it. I just kept getting slower and slower, by a second or two each time. That probably explains my continuous set times – I bet I start out pretty quick and then am really slow by the end. Consistency is probably what I should be aiming for.

Tonight, I am going to watch a hockey game and then a rest day tomorrow on a beautiful sunny spring Saturday.


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