Posted by: Tina | March 25, 2010

Workout #52 (continuous swim)

Ah, Monday night… swim night! I have really enjoyed my Monday night swims the last two weeks, although waiting until 8pm is a bit annoying when I would normally be in my pyjamas lounging in front of the tv (yes, it’s true), with the two munchkins nodded off into nighttime slumber. But instead I am at the swimming pool, doing laps. Monday was great though as it was just straight-up 2 x 1000m, with a 1 minute rest in between. It was like the olden days when I used to hit the pool and just swim endlessly, without drills or anything.

I still don’t feel like my speed is improving much and, after a conversation with Kristina, I now realize that I probably won’t improve significantly. I have a few things working against me: 1) I was never a competitive trained swimmer as a young person, and 2) I am in the pool only twice a week, and I need at least 4-5 sessions to see real improvement. I guess in the pool, seconds count for a lot and it’s pretty hard to shave those off. Yet another reason why I should have started on sports much earlier than my 20s.

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