Posted by: Tina | March 25, 2010

Workout #53 (fooling myself at the track)

Track workouts are a major challenge for me. (The only search term to ever find this blog is, “I hate track workouts”. How fitting.) They are in the category of “I hate it so much, that I actually kind of love it”, similar to riding up Cypress or Seymour, although track workouts don’t have the reward of speeding down a mountain at 70 km/hr after finishing the hard part. My workout last night was 8x1000m, at 10km race pace.

I have been fighting the beginnings of cold for the last few days, which isn’t surprising since both my kids have been sick for the last week. Because it didn’t seem too bad, I managed to drag myself to the track anyway. I jogged around for 10 minutes, my brain desperately trying to find some kind of excuse not to do the workout. I then told myself that I would just do four repeats and then see how I felt. I managed to finish four, then I convinced myself to do just one more, then just one more, then just one more. After finishing seven repeats, I realized it would be really lame to not just finish. So I finished all eight sets, and my legs felt like lead at the end and my hamstrings tight.

My split times were 4:00, 4:17, 4:23, 4:29, 4:25, 4:34, 4:31, 4:28.

Obviously, I charged out way too fast on the first set, and then got slower until I hit my “true” lap time. All of these times still put me in my 5km race pace though. I sent my times to Kristina and she has instructed me to try to hold 4:29/km for my 5km test run next week. Eep!

I tried out the Point Grey track for this workout and it is a busy busy place. When I go to Swangard, I’m usually the only person on the track. At Point Grey, the soccer field in the middle is in use, high-school kids are doing practice with hurdles, spectators are dawdling on the track, and kids are running amok on the sidelines. There are also intimidating “real” runners who make me feel like my workout is frivolous (unintentionally of course – they are so focused they don’t even notice little ol’ me). Still, it is a beautiful track. I will definitely go back there.


  1. […] I woke up morning at 5:45am (not intentionally), and decided to get my track workout out of the way. I was on the Point Grey track by 7am for my 5x1km workout. I don’t have my exact split times, but all of them were hovering around 4:20, give or take a few seconds. I am definitely getting faster. […]

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