Posted by: Tina | March 30, 2010

Workout #55 (playing with my heart rate)

I fell off the wagon, yes I did. I skipped Friday’s workout so I could do it on Saturday, and then I didn’t feel like doing it on Saturday. This basically means that I didn’t do a single bike workout last week, and took 2.5 rest days! To assuage my conscience, I did  ride my bike on the trainer for 30 minutes on Saturday afternoon. It was hardly a workout, so it doesn’t get its own post (thus, the 2.5 days of rest).

Sunday was my long run day and, really, I doubt I will ever look forward to long runs. My husband loves his long run on Saturday, and looks forward to it all week. I have little doubt he will one day do an Ironman. My hatred of long runs is the main reason why I won’t ever do an Ironman (probably).

So Sunday, I ran for 80 minutes which, to some people, isn’t very long but to me is ages. I started out slow, and every 20 minutes had to bump up the heart rate by about 5bpm. My heart rate monitor is dead right now so I just perceived exertion. Kristina told me to run the last 20 minutes so that it felt hard, and that is what I did. I had a destination so I ran out to Central Park, did a lap there, and then onwards through Burnaby. Thankfully, it stopped raining just before I headed out, so it was reasonably pleasant. As with all my long runs, I was glad it was over.

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