Posted by: Tina | March 30, 2010

Workout #56 (swim bruise)

Although I have childcare during the day back in my life, I went for a swim last night instead of during the day. It has been so very pleasant to go for swims in the evening at Percy Norman. Unfortunately, the lifeguards don’t have any set rules about how the pool should be set up so, instead of the three nice wide lanes they had for the last two weeks, they set up the pool with four teeny tiny narrow lanes. This made passing much more difficult and annoying. There is one guy there on Monday nights who goes in the fast lane but slowly flails about doing double-arm backstroke and really wide breastroke so I invariably end up getting hit by him when we are passing each other in opposite directions (like rear-view mirrors colliding on a narrow bridge). I am sporting a beautiful purple bruise on my left arm because of this.

Other than that, it was a good workout. I started out with some drills, including single-arm crawl, the inelegance of which drew the laughing attention of some swimmers in the other lane. Then it was an easy 1200m continuous, and then 2 x (100m pull, 100m kick, 100m crawl). Despite what Kristina says about it being unlikely for me to get too much faster as a swimmer, I do feel stronger in the pool these days. Last night I felt great, although the water was a bit too warm. They don’t have a kid’s pool there so I think they keep the main pool warmer to accommodate the kiddies. I almost felt like I was sweating at one point!

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