Posted by: Tina | April 2, 2010

Workout #59 (pull swim)

Yesterday I hit the pool in the afternoon and had a great workout. 2pm at the pool on a weekday afternoon is bliss because the whole pool is dedicated to wide lanes and there are very few people in the pool. I pretty much had the lane all to myself for the bulk of the swim. The focus was pull (using a pullbuoy between my legs so I just use arms) so after warming up, I had to do the following twice: 4 x 100m pull, 4 x 100m fast, with 15 s rest. My first set felt slow, but I definitely sped up for the last 4x100m fast. My arms also feel pretty tired this morning as there was so much pull in the workout.

I also tried to notice how much rest I get at the ends of the lanes when in a 25 m pool. No wonder I’m so much faster in the short pool. I get a chance to rest while I push off at each end, plus I get to take an extra big gulp of air which fuels me for the next length. I am really looking forward to a 50m pool going into my neighbourhood – I need to train more in the longer length pools. It more closely mimics the endurance swimming I’ll actually be doing in an open water triathlon.

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