Posted by: Tina | April 4, 2010

Workout #60 (double brick!)

On Friday I learned why I never want to do a duathlon. Run, bike, run? Unpleasant! Granted, my workout was a bike, run, bike, run, and I had to do the run in gale force winds, but it still sucked on the basis of having to do one after the other after the other. I rode on the trainer for 20 minutes (5 mins at 65%, 5 mins at 90%, repeat), then ran for 15 (first 10 minutes at 85%). Then I had to do it again. Although I physically felt pretty good for most of it, it was still tough. I tried to replicate my cadence on the second set on the bike, but couldn’t quite get the same rpms because my legs were already tired out after the first round of bike and run.

Vancouver also had a severe wind warning in effect so the wind made it even harder. At one point I almost couldn’t move in a headwind; I turned a corner and suddenly I had a tailwind that made me feel like I was flying. It was also pretty nerve-wracking because there are a lot of trees in my neighbourhood and I was worried the whole time about getting knocked over by an errant branch.

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