Posted by: Tina | April 12, 2010

Workouts #62-65 (recovery and skiing)

I have not fallen off the wagon. I am still training. However, last week was a rest and recovery week, during which I had two (!!) rest days, and workouts that were much-reduced in length and intensity. I took an extra rest day on Monday, then did a 1000m swim on Tuesday, a 30-minute easy fun run on Wednesday, and 45 minutes on the bike trainer on Thursday.

Then, Friday and Saturday I skied Whistler Blackcomb for two full days. In fact, I probably skied much harder than I should have for a rest and recovery week, but it’s hard to hold back on sunny powder days on the mountain. I could really feel the difference three months of training has made for my leg strength. When I went skiing in January the week before triathlon training started, my legs were practically wet noodles. Now, my legs and core are noticeably stronger, and I have way more strength and endurance to ski for two full days.

I love recovery weeks. The real work starts again later today.

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