Posted by: Tina | April 14, 2010

Workout #67 (bike test)

Yesterday was a bike test. After a warm-up, I had to RACE for 10km and record my time. I rode out to UBC as a warm-up, and rode an out and back course along SW Marine Drive, starting from where the Midtown bike route joins Marine Drive. This put my turnaround at the UBC Botanical Garden, and then I just rode along Marine Drive until I hit 10km (approximately Dunbar).

My time: 18:10

That seemed pretty fast for me so I thought my bike computer might be wrong, but I checked with the Gmap Pedometer and it confirmed that the course was 10km. The course was basically one loop of the UBC triathlon course, so using a road bike and building up my strength shaved 12 minutes off the time I did in 2008 (assuming I could have held that pace for another 10km)!

It was fun to be back on the bike. Although I have been training for 3 months already, I’ve been on the bike on the road only twice. Kristina says I’ll be focusing on more road riding over the next few weeks, so I’m looking forward to that, especially now that we are getting longer days and warmer temperatures.

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