Posted by: Tina | April 21, 2010

Workout #72 (running running!)

I went for a run yesterday, the meat of which was two 7-minute intervals at my 5km race pace.  Not too difficult, but still a challenge. My knees were feeling a bit sore too.

Interval training is pretty new to me. In the past, I trained for running by just running for set periods of time. Some days I would be faster because I felt good, but most days I would just be slow because it was easier. I have known for a long time that interval training is the way to get faster, but I didn’t really have the know-how or discipline to apply it in a meaningful way. I’m so glad that I got a coach (Kristina – she is the best) to tell me what to do because I think it is the only way I would ever do truly difficult workouts. There is almost no way I would have dragged myself to the track week after week in February and March if I didn’t have a coach tracking my progress.

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