Posted by: Tina | April 25, 2010

Life generates rest days

A couple workouts last week were blown as we headed to Seattle for a couple of days to take advantage of the strong Canadian dollar. Although we did other shopping, our main purchase was a hitch attachment for our car so we can finally start using our bike rack again. I had the intention of doing a swim and a run while down there but, not surprisingly, those plans were derailed. Mostly it was due to fatigue. Traveling with two small children under three is tiring and everything takes much longer than it does for two solo adults. Also, my husband and I work for the same organization (both of us are currently on parental leave) and it was restructured last week, which meant layoffs. Our positions were thankfully not cut but it was psychologically pretty stressful as we had friends who were let go and we also had a bit of a wake-up call about our own life situation and were up late for a few nights having “what if” discussions.

In summary, I was tired, so I didn’t do my Thursday or Friday workouts. This is two weeks in a row where I took an extra rest day. This makes me feel guilty, although I still completed five workouts each week, which by my pre-triathlon-training standards would have been pretty good. Also, I have to remind myself that although training is a high priority for me, there are still a few things that take higher priority.

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