Posted by: Tina | May 2, 2010

Workout #79 (mini triathlon)

On Friday, Kristina assigned me a “mini triathlon”. I had to do a 500 m swim, 20km bike, and then a 3km run at race pace. She told me to focus on “fast transitions”, which were pretty difficult to do since I was by myself and didn’t have someone to help me out. At each transition I had to unsecure and then secure my bike, which meant putting it in and out of the car. While my transitions were probably ok, that process ate into my time.

Overall, I felt pretty good for most of it, although I chose a hilly route for the bike so I was much slower than when I did my bike test out to UBC a few weeks ago. I am also apparently terrible at judging distance because I thought the route I chose would for sure be 10km out, but it was more like 7km, so I had to add distance on to my planned route. I did a few meandering turns which, in Burnaby, meant unexpected hills. The run was also not particularly pleasant, because it followed my “race intensity” bike ride. I thought my legs would loosen up as I went, but they never did. About 500m in, I honestly felt like stopping. But I didn’t, so I finished and felt pretty good that I basically did almost the same triathlon I am going to be doing two weeks from today, and it wasn’t too terrible.

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