Posted by: Tina | May 3, 2010

Workout #80 (windy vancouver)

It was so windy today that I actually got a bit scared while riding my bike. I headed out to Spanish Banks and stopped at the dramatic scene as I came around the corner. The waves were huge and there was a haze of sand in the air. I actually felt a bit nervous about continuing as I was worried that a tree branch (or a tree) would fall on me as I rode. I managed to keep going, although I couldn’t keep up much of a pace though as I was in a headwind for much of the ride. (As a side note, what’s with all this wind we have been getting in Vancouver? The only way I can express how I feel about this is WTF?!?!)

I felt pretty strong going up the Spanish Banks hill, but was quickly reminded of how far I have to improve when a cyclist flew by me at the top of the hill. It was as if I was totally stationary, he went by that fast. Also, I got a flat on Marine Drive and I had no implements to fix it. I had to load on to the bus to get home. Needless to say, my bike ride was cut short.

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