Posted by: Tina | May 5, 2010

Workout #81 (4:20)

The approach of a track workout fills me with a singular dread. I see the word ‘track’ and I know I’m going to have to push myself, and that it will hurt. However, I do the workouts because I know they will make me faster and, yesterday, that proved to be true.

I woke up morning at 5:45am (not intentionally), and decided to get my track workout out of the way. I was on the Point Grey track by 7am for my 5x1km workout. I don’t have my exact split times, but all of them were hovering around 4:20, give or take a few seconds. I am definitely getting faster.

I also may have had a good day because I generally tend to be stronger when I work out in the mornings. Once upon a time, when I was kidless and free, I got up at 6am most mornings to get my workout in (of course, if I knew then what I know now about sleep and babies, I would have been sleeping much later more often). It was always great to get the workout done and out of the way at the start of the day, and I found I had way more energy in the mornings. Since having kids, my workouts tend to be pushed to the afternoon, which has never been a great time for my energy levels. It was great yesterday to be able to get that (much dreaded) workout done in the morning.

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