Posted by: Tina | May 9, 2010

Workout #84 (swim in an empty pool)

Today is supposed to be my long endurance day, but I couldn’t face the flurries and cold outside so I headed to the pool. On a Sunday afternoon in Vancouver, most pools are a zoo of kids, but apparently not here in Brockville, Ontario. I pretty much had the entire pool to myself, so I had a great workout. It was a nice mix of drills, continuous swimming, and sprints, so it wasn’t boring at all. I also had to do backstroke for part of the workout and it amazed me just how incredibly awkward I am at that stroke compared to freestyle. I am easily half as fast when doing backstroke.

Although it was a great workout, my left shoulder has started to bug me a bit again. I’m not sure what has happened since the pain went away completely after I started a regimen of stretching and specific rehab exercises a few months ago. I haven’t been as diligent lately, so I may have to get back on it. The season is just starting and I have a long way to go.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a warm and sunny day again, so I’m looking forward to a bike/run workout.

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