Posted by: Tina | May 25, 2010

Workout #90 (brick from hell)

After a week off of “official” training, I logged back into Training Peaks to get a sense of my next few weeks, and got a serious wake-up call. I am back fully into training with a pretty darn heavy week.

Yesterday, I had to do multiple bricks. I started with a 15-minute bike warm-up, followed by a 5-min run warm-up. The main part of the workout was a 10-minute bike ride at 40km race pace, followed by 6 minutes of running at race pace, then a 5 minute walk/jog cooldown. I had to repeat this 3 times. It might not sound too hard but I am still in Ontario and we have a bit of a heat wave happening so I was doing this in 30+ degree heat! I was a flushed sweaty mess at the end of it.

I was supposed to do the bike portions on a trainer but I don’t have my trainer here so I just went on the road. My coach tells me that riding on the trainer is sometimes even better than riding on the road because there is no opportunity to coast or stop. After my race last week though, I realized that my biking is my weakest element and I think it’s because I haven’t done enough road riding. On a trainer, you don’t get all the elements thrown at you that you would in a real race situation – wind, bumps, and real hills. I think I’m going to try and do way more road riding leading up to my next triathlons.

It felt pretty good to be back at training, but also a bit strange. I guess I only looked as far as my first triathlon and didn’t really think beyond it. It felt like I should just be finished all the regimented training last week, but then here I am back to training again and it has been mentally tough to rationalize why I’m doing this. I even asked my husband this morning if the process is supposed to be enjoyable. Some days, I really don’t know if I enjoy it, but I still do it. I guess it’s the process of setting goals and achieving (or exceeding) them that makes it worthwhile.

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