Posted by: Tina | May 27, 2010

Workout #93 (track workout on the road)

Today was a tough one. It was supposed to be a track workout (6x1000m) but I didn’t want to go somewhere to run, especially since the only track around is at the local high school where it would probably be in use. I just did the workout in front of my in-law’s house. They live in a quiet, flat subdivision so I tracked out 1km and did that over and over. Before starting, I had to do a leg and glute workout (lunges, squats, etc), probably to make my legs tired before I started running.

Usually I just go by feel for time when I am at the track but today I used my husband’s GPS watch to keep track of my pace and distance. I went with 4:30 for race pace on the 1km repeats (with 45 second walk recovery). What I learned with the watch is that I always start too fast and then pay for it at the end. I think this is probably a common problem for athletes, starting a repeat or a race too quickly and then fatiguing at the end. I guess you learn how not to do it over time, but it’s really hard for me to do unless I can see my pace on the watch. Anyhow, the repeats got progressively more difficult as I only had a 45-second walk recovery between each, which wasn’t enough by the last two repeats. But I did it, and didn’t feel too pukey by the end.

After the repeats, I had to jog it out for 5 minutes and then do 4 x 200m all out, with a 45 second recovery between each. I’m not sure what the reason for doing this at the end of the workout was, but I’m guessing it will train me to have a bit of a finishing kick at the end of a race. It was hard, and I felt pretty pukey by the end, particularly because it was close to 30 degrees by the end of the workout. After a 10-minute jog cooldown, it felt great to stretch everything out.

I felt pretty great today, even though it was a hard workout. I feel like I’m back in the training groove; I just have to bite the bullet and go for it every day because when I’m done a workout, I always feel like I’ve accomplished something for the day. And it certainly makes the beer taste better.

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