Posted by: Tina | June 8, 2010

Workout #100 (swim bike brick)

I did Workout #100 without even realizing I had arrived at that momentous number! I only realized it now as I tried to catch up on my posts. I’m happy to report that it was a great workout on a sunny day. I started in the pool on a Saturday afternoon, worried that it would be busy as Vancouver pools often are on weekends. But no! I had a pool lane almost all to myself for the whole workout (2 x 1000m easy). Then I went out for a 45 minute ride in the sun with a couple of 10 minute intervals at 20k race pace.

Although I love being in Vancouver, being out on the bike reminded me of one of the things I dislike about road biking here. Traffic lights! Stop signs! Cars! In Brockville last week, I went for a 2-hour ride along the St. Lawrence and had to stop and put my foot down only twice, once for a stop sign and once for a red light. In Vancouver, it takes ages to get to a stretch of road where I don’t have to stop for awhile and it sucks having my rhythm disrupted in such a way.

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