Posted by: Tina | June 8, 2010

Workout #101 (bike ride with a hill)

I was supposed to do this workout on Sunday but a lack of childcare means it got pushed to Monday and I ended up skipping my swim workout to do it. From my experience at the Kingston triathlon, I realize that my bike is a weak link for me and I’m not going to see drastic improvements in my triathlon times due to my swim, so I cut the swim in favour of the bike.

The ride was supposed to be a 2hr15m ride, with a 25-30 minute hill climb somewhere in the middle. I decided to ride up to SFU and back. I was a bit surprised to find that the ride to the very top of the mountain took me 20 minutes (from the corner of Gaglardi and Broadway to the very top bus loop), so I went back down a ways and came back up again to add to the hill climb time. All told, however, the ride was only about 2 hours door to door from my house.

I’m still pretty nervous coming down hills, although I love climbing them. Two years ago I got into an accident with a car coming down Taylor Way in North Vancouver. I was uninjured, although my bike had to be replaced (ICBC paid for it – luckily I had a witness who corroborated that it was not my fault). Since then though, I am no longer as aggressive on the downhills and in fact find them quite scary and difficult. While it may be somewhat irrational, I always have this fear that my bike is going to start flying apart and I’ll fall under the wheels of a car coming from behind.

I am now also struggling with a cold, as my son has been very sick and spent about three or four days last week coughing and sneezing directly into my face. I may have to cut back my workouts this week a bit, as all I really want to do is sleep and kick this bug.

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