Posted by: Tina | June 13, 2010

Training burnout

I may only be a recreational athlete, but I’m feeling burnt out. It’s getting harder and harder for me to feel motivated to train, and I’m decidedly unexcited about my race next weekend. Upon reflection, I realize that I probably shouldn’t have registered for the upcoming race. I should have just focused on 2-3 races over the course of the summer, giving myself enough time between each to get excited and ready.

My original goal before I started training was to do 7 triathlons in 7 months but, as I proceeded, I realized that this would be an unrealistic goal with my life as it is right now (BC triathlon scheduling for 2010 made it impossible anyway). Once I really started training, I realized that even scaling that back to five in five was pretty unrealistic. I never in a million years thought I might experience training burnout, but here I am feeling tired, grouchy, and unexcited about the training and I’ve only done one triathlon so far! I honestly have no idea how professional athletes keep themselves motivated day in and out.

I have also had a mild cold for the past week, so that hasn’t helped much. I have been exhausted, a combination of the illness, a sick one-year old, poor nutrition, and increased training (now that my goal is Olympic distance, my workouts have become longer). I’ve decided to just take today off after the tough workouts of the last two days. I know I may be compromising my gains a bit by skipping my long bike ride, but I woke up this morning unable to face it.

I am also scaling back my goals for next week’s race. They now are:

  1. Finish each section of the race before the cutoffs.
  2. Survive my first ever open water swim (ever, not just in a race situation).
  3. Have fun, and don’t kill myself.

Writing down these goals already makes me feel better about next weekend.

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