Posted by: Tina | June 13, 2010

Workout #104 (workout hate)

Friday was a bad day for me. I had a crazy sinus headache early in the day but I still had to manage life with two kids and planning for my son’s first birthday. I really didn’t want to fit in my workout so I put it off all the way until the very end of the day when I sat on the couch and seriously thought about not doing the workout. My husband even asked me if he should try to motivate me or not. I told him I would make the decision and deal with the consequences myself.

So <drumroll> I did do the workout, even though it was a pretty tough one. Thankfully it is summer and the days are long so starting a workout at 8:30 at night meant it was still light when I finished. Bike warm-up, then 8 minutes at 95% intensity, transition, 200m sprint, 5-minute walk/jog, then do that two more times. Halfway through the first bike set, I thought I would only do one set total, but then I managed to get back on for the second round, and then it seemed stupid to not just finish the workout. So I did it, and I was glad I did.

I felt pretty terrible afterwards and it made me wonder when I should not be working out when illness strikes. Do I stop for a mild cold? If so, for how long should I stop? And how far back does that push training progress? Tough choices. Mike Adams posted about it awhile back, and since I am not a pro triathlete (or anything even near) but the mother of two little vectors of infection transmission, it probably wouldn’t hurt to take days off when needed.

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