Posted by: Tina | June 15, 2010

Workout #106 (pace work at the track)

I took the last two days off even though they weren’t scheduled as rest days. I really needed the time off and I feel mentally better. Physically, I am still fighting this horrible sinus infection, which I am really hoping will clear up before my race on Sunday. I finally got some medication that works at stopping the symptoms (and lets me get some sleep) so at least I have that for now.

I  felt much better after the two days off and went to the track today. Since this is a taper week prior to my race, I only had to do 3x1000m at 10km race pace, plus 4x200m at 5km race pace. All of it felt easy. My race pace is 5min/km, but I found it hard to go that slow. I think I could probably safely hold 4:45 or thereabouts for 10km, but the way I am feeling these days tells me not to push too much. I think I will push harder for my July race, and take it easy for this one.

I have been using my husband’s Garmin GPS watch for my pace workouts and realize that I am not very good at maintaining my pace over the course of a run. My mind wanders too much and I’ll look down at the watch and realize I am going either way too fast or way too slow. I also have the (pretty common I assume) tendency to go way too fast off the top and slow way down by the end of the interval. I don’t know what technique athletes use to combat this tendency, but would be interested to know.

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