Posted by: Tina | June 18, 2010

Workout #108 (mini triathlon)

I did a mini triathlon this morning. First stop was the pool where there was only one busy lane available. While most days I find this annoying, I thought of it as practice for the open water swim portion of my triathlon, swimming in close quarters with many others. Then I hit the bike for 20 minutes, with some sprints thrown in, and then a 10 minute run with some 10 second strides.

I felt pretty good overall, but I’m still fighting a sinus infection. Plus,  I feel like I’m getting a cold again and, because my son also seems to be reinfected with another virus, there is a very good chance that mine will develop into something more. I feel like I need to get this triathlon on Sunday over with, heal up on my recovery week, and then focus on being healthy and strong for Penticton in July.

I picked up my rental wetsuit yesterday from Pacific Multisport – a Nineteen Pipeline. It fits well and I’ll take it for a quick dip  at one of the outdoor pools tomorrow morning to see how it feels.

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