Posted by: Tina | June 29, 2010

And illness strikes

I’ve been sick. Therefore, I haven’t been working out. I’ve missed four workouts now and I think I’m having withdrawal. I have been doing six workouts a week most weeks since mid-January, so I am definitely feeling guilt. However, I am quite ill, with a cough coming from deep in my chest. Both my kids have it too, so I’m sure I got it from them. I haven’t been working out because the adage is that you can work out if your symptoms are above the neck, but you should rest if the symptoms are below the neck.

I am already disappointed as the Penticton triathlon is just two and a half weeks away and it was supposed to be my “A” race this summer. At this point I have suffered setback because a) I’m not training and b) I’m sick and recovery always takes a long time. I still plan on doing the triathlon but I think my expectations for myself will have to lower.

I do plan on starting training again tomorrow, but I’m not sure how long it will take for me to be at full capacity again. I guess “real” competitive athletes have to deal with this type of thing a lot, but how do they avoid getting sick when it’s important to stay healthy? Very frustrating.

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