Posted by: Tina | July 6, 2010

Workouts #112 & 112.5 (getting back into it)

All told, I was sick for a week and ended up missing exactly six days of working out. That is quite the hit to my progress. I read Joe Friel’s blog on a regular basis, and there was an interesting post about getting sick in the build period and how it should basically be avoided at all costs. He even recommends that athletes keep their left hand in their pocket so there is always a germ-free hand for touching your face or personal hygiene. As much as I would love to have heeded his advice, it’s pretty hard with two toddlers sneezing and snotting all over me on a regular basis. So basically, my training is kind of toast since I got sick in the “critical” period before a race. Of course, I’m only a recreational middle-of-the-pack athlete, so it probably won’t have had such a huge impact on me. It’s not like I’m trying to qualify for Kona or anything.

My coach, Kristina, says that I can’t really train for endurance anymore in the lead-up to the Penticton race, so I have to focus on transitions, my mental preparation for the race, and making my body know my race pace in each discipline.

So, back to the workouts – I went for an easy 30 minute run on Friday, which hurt the lungs. I didn’t really count it as a workout (thus, the 112.5). Saturday I went for a nice race pace training run, doing 4km at pace, easy jogging for 5 minutes, then another 1km at place, plus the usual warm-up and cooldown. It didn’t feel too bad, but the pacing thing is something that I find really challenging. I wore my husband’s GPS watch again, and I find my pace is all over the place, especially when I start daydreaming. I really need to focus on what my body is doing at all times to keep my pace constant. I know now that I was pushing too hard in the early days of my training, trying to be as fast as possible, rather than training at the pace I set for myself. I have to find a pace that is challenging, but that I can hold for the entire distance (which has been the point all along, I know). I think I have it about right for my 10k pace (5 minutes/km).

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