Posted by: Tina | July 7, 2010

Goal Check-in

I just updated my goals page to more accurately reflect what I am doing this year. Basically, I took off the strength goals because I am not doing any strength training besides some core work. My life and training reality make these changes necessary because triathlon training alone takes up so much of my time that I haven’t been able to also get in strength work. Although I have been (in my mind) very disciplined with my training overall, the strength workouts were the one thing I couldn’t keep up because of the time required. My plan now is to focus on strength in the off-season, after the triathlon season is over. Besides I should be happy with how strong my arms are getting as I’m constantly lugging around 20lb and 30lb weights for long periods of time (otherwise known as my children).

I also modified the first goal – six triathlons in six months – to “Do a bunch of triathlons.” My original goal when I was pregnant and thinking about my post-partum year was to do seven triathlons in seven months, because it sounded like a big idea and a surefire way of getting my fitness back. It got downgraded because the UBC triathlon was moved in 2010 and logistically there was no early season triathlon to make seven in seven a possibility. Then I missed registration for the Delta triathlon, and now I am down to four in four (unless I end up doing one in September as well). Part of the reason for this is that I have learned that training for so many triathlons is not something I am currently capable of, physically or mentally. I am after all the mother of two small children, which means I am perpetually tired (although this has gotten better since my son started sleeping through the night halfway through training), fighting off viruses, and tied to a schedule that sometimes won’t let me out of the house due to naps or a lack of childcare (although I am generally blessed with amazingly flexible and helpful caregivers). I think my big goal is a possibility, just not this year.

Does changing my goals halfway through the season mean I just wasn’t successful in achieving them? Maybe, but I think I have to be flexible and forgiving with myself, and be amazed, happy, and thankful with what I have achieved and continue to achieve.


  1. […] see that some of my original 2010 training goals are crossed out. You can read in more detail about why and how my goals changed in a post I wrote in July. In summary, they changed because doing six triathlons in six months was […]

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