Posted by: Tina | July 30, 2010

Workouts #121-126 (full speed ahead)

This last week, I ramped back up again with the Kelowna Apple in mind. I am not counting my recovery week workouts as workouts mostly because I can’t really remember what they were. I did a couple of recovery runs and a swim or two. This week, my workouts were:

  1. Long bike ride, 1.5 hours. Actually, this was part of my recovery week. It felt great to be on the bike for an early morning ride.
  2. Continuous swim, 2x1000m. I probably only did 1000m as the lake was so windy that day that swimming was thoroughly unpleasant. I kept waiting for it to calm down and it never did so I finally just went for it. It sucked and I didn’t feel like being machine washed so I quit after my first set. It was a workout in and of itself to get into the wetsuit on such a hot sticky day.
  3. Speed run, with intervals at 85%, 90%, and 100%. All on the flat, in the shade, before the heat of the day.
  4. Transitions and bricks. Rode up to my uncle’s place and stashed my bike for a warm-up run, then alternated between biking at 40km race pace and running at race pace. This was pretty fun and nice for me to be doing it somewhere where I don’t have a zillion lights to stop me (Naramata Road in the Okanagan).
  5. Swim. Calm beautiful morning. I realized that my distance estimates were off as I finally had a waterproof watch to wear and was surprised it took me so little time to get to my usual swim markers. After warming up, I had to go out and back from the beach to practice my swim exits and entries (Kelowna tri is a two-loop swim so I’ll have to exit and enter the water halfway through). This was a fun workout, although weeds in the lake still freak me out.
  6. Today, long run. 30 minutes easy, then two times five minutes at pace followed by five minutes easy, then 25 minutes easy. I did this at 2pm, which was stupid because I don’t have a water belt and I am in the Okanagan where it was easily 34 degrees. Plus, I’m at lake level so the only way to get in a long run is to run up a long, hot, painful, hill. It was challenging to keep my heart rate down. I was glad to jump in the lake after it was over.

That was my week. Tomorrow I rest. I love rest days at the end of weeks like this one.

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