Posted by: Tina | August 2, 2010

Workout #128 (swimming in and out)

Today I had a swim workout. I swam for 30 minutes continuously back and forth along the shoreline, and then had to practice sprinting in and out of the water. The latter part was fun and challenging. The continuous swim was also pretty good, but I am still nervous being out in the open water. I know where there are small patches of weeds and avoid them, and even avoid looking in the direction of where I know they are in case I glimpse them! I think I may have to just force myself to swim into some weeds to make myself get over this fear. I have a pretty set route in the water now where I avoid all scary things, which doesn’t seem to be the most likely way of winding down my fear. A guy down the lake asked me if I have ever gone night swimming and the thought just gives me chills. No thanks.

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