Posted by: Tina | August 5, 2010

Workout #129 (long ride, short run)

My long ride is usually on Sunday, but I switched it to Tuesday so I could avoid long weekend traffic. It wasn’t really too long of a ride – I am training for Olympic distance triathlons after all – so I was on the bike for just over two hours. I had some sprints and race pace intervals thrown in as well. I made it from Naramata halfway to Okanagan Falls. When I hit Skaha Lake I was into the sprints and felt like I was flying. When I turned around to come back, I realized why. There was a big north wind that I had to fight to come back.

It’s pretty challenging to ride here in the Okanagan, as there are virtually no flat areas to train. The road out to Okanagan Falls along Skaha is pretty flat but I have to face a pretty hilly route to get there to begin with. I figure training on hills can only make me stronger on the bike.

I finished the workout with 10 minutes of running at race pace, and then a 5-minute jog.

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