Posted by: Tina | August 5, 2010

Workout #130 (snake makes 2-day workout)

This workout was actually a workout in two parts. Yesterday I headed up to my uncle’s place to do some transitions and brick work. I took 20 minutes to warm-up (my bike warm-ups are hard as I have to climb a decent hill within two minutes of leaving my place to get off lake level), stashed my running shoes, then went for a 12-minute ride at race pace. Then transition and six minutes running at race pace. I stupidly went in the afternoon so it was 34 degrees and uncomfortably hot.

As I jogged towards my bike at the end of the run, I pulled up short. There was a snake directly in front of my cycling shoes! This is the Okanagan where brown and yellow flecked snakes are often rattlesnakes. It didn’t coil at my approach, so it may just have been a harmless bull snake, but I didn’t want to find out. So I jogged down to my other uncle’s place, went inside for a drink of water and to enjoy the air conditioning, and waited it out. When I went back half an hour later, the snake was gone, and I gingerly collected my stuff and called it a day. My momentum was lost, and I felt too nervous to continue in the same place.

Today, I finished the workout. I went in the morning when it was still cool so it was a more pleasant workout, and there was no trace of the snake. I basically did the same workout, but added the two missed sets of 12 minutes on the bike at race pace and then six minutes running at race pace (three times total).

Overall, workout #130 was a long one, as I spent 60 minutes on the bike today, 40 minutes on the bike yesterday, and then about 20 minutes running today and 10 minutes yesterday. Tomorrow I am planning on doing my scheduled workout plus the swim workout that I was supposed to do today.

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