Posted by: Tina | August 10, 2010

Workout #132 (long bike and run)

After my usual enjoyable Saturday rest, I went for a long bike on Sunday morning. Thankfully a long bike ride when training for Olympic distance races is just over two hours. I think training for any race longer than Olympic distance would be a challenge because of the amount of cycling you have to do. When I was training for the Hoodoo bike race, I didn’t like how my weekends were eaten up by five hours (or more) of cycling. The 2-hour ride is enough for me in my life right now.

Anyhow, I headed out to Skaha Lake again, and then circled back to Chute Lake Road in Naramata, then home. I started easy and then had sprints and 3 x 10 minute intervals at race pace. It was a lovely quiet Sunday morning on the road.

I finished with a 10 minute run at race pace, and then 10 minutes easy. I felt good overall, but my left knee is starting to have some twinges of pain again. But this will all be finished in less than two weeks!

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