Posted by: Tina | August 14, 2010

Workouts #134-137 (home stretch)

I am in my final week of high-intensity workouts before my taper next week, then my final triathlon of the year, then god knows what. Tuesday I did a pace run around False Creek, which was a challenge because I had to do 12 minutes at my 5km race pace, followed by a short jog and then 25 minutes at my 10km race pace. Wednesday I hit Kitsilano Pool again on a lovely sunny day, drafting some of the other triathletes who storm around the pool at an inconceivable pace (for me). Thursday I drove back up to the Okanagan and did a brick workout (warm-up, then 4 x 8 minutes at pace on the trainer followed by 5 minutes at race pace, then cooldown). Yesterday I did a 1:20 slow run in the afternoon Okanagan heat. Today I rest.

One week away from the Kelowna Apple. As of this afternoon, there are 657 registrants in the race. That’s a lot of people in the water with me.

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