Posted by: Tina | September 5, 2010

Two weeks later, and what comes next

It’s been two weeks. Two gorgeous weeks of no training. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The only thing that could perhaps be remotely perceived as exercise was when I volunteered at the Penticton Ironman (year 8 volunteering!) last Sunday and worked the bike lot. I spent a couple of hours running and racking bikes as athletes came in for the transition from bike to run. Otherwise, I have done nothing in the way of exercise, and certainly nothing in the way of training.

It has been blissful.

No need to carefully coordinate my training schedule with my husband’s marathon training schedule. No need to figure out who can watch the kids and when while I get in a workout. It has been just me doing what I want when I want (to a limited extent of course, as I do have two young kids with needs that trump all other possible individual desires I may have for myself – it’s not like I can choose to lie on the couch watching Oprah and eating bonbons). For my exercise regimen, however, this has meant no exercise.

I have, however, been thinking a lot about what comes next. My coach told me that I should expect to feel a bit depressed at the end of the season and that I should try to focus on other things while giving my body a break. For me, this will mean looking for work, so I think that will be my main focus in the coming months.

With regard to health and fitness, I just couldn’t resist coming up with a training plan for myself to keep me on track (unfortunately, I can’t afford a coach all year long). I built a fair amount of flexibility into it so I have lots of cross-training days when I can choose what I feel like doing, whether it be a swim, bike, hike, or strength training workout. The base goal I have organized my plan around is the Fall Classic 10K run on November 21, so I have three core run workouts a week. I have based my program on the concepts in the book, Run Less, Run Faster, which says you can be a faster runner by eliminating all the junk miles and focusing on completing three key run workouts each week (track, tempo, and long), along with two (+1 optional) cross-training workouts. I think this plan complements triathlon training as I plan on primarily swimming and biking for my cross-training workouts, while I work towards becoming a faster runner.

I also am planning on relaxing a lot more about my workouts. I am going to try as hard as possible to not feel guilty if I miss workouts, and I am going to be flexible about when or if I can fit them in. I want this fall to be my off-season break so I don’t want to lose sight of that. I definitely don’t want to be burned out by January when “real” training starts up again.

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