Posted by: Tina | September 20, 2010

Just running – no guilt allowed

I started running again two weeks ago, following a final most delicious and greasy McDonald’s breakfast to cap off the 2-week post-triathlon break. Since then, my only workouts have been thrice-weekly runs. The program I’m on actually calls for cross-training 2-3 times a week, but I haven’t been doing any cross-training other than a few sets of push-ups when the mood strikes. This is going to have to change as the cross-training is an integral component of the plan for building a cardio base (or, in my case, ensuring it doesn’t erode too much).

Part of the reason I have been skipping the cross-training workouts is that I am really enjoying not being super disciplined. This is my off-season after all and, when I created my fall training plan, I told my husband I was not going to feel guilty for missing workouts. If I don’t feel like working out, or if I would rather read a book or play with my kids, then I’m not going to juggle my day around to get in a workout.

The other reason I have been skipping some workouts is that I really depended on other people (primarily my parents) to help a lot with respect to childcare while I was triathlon training, and I think they need a break from supporting what ended up as eight solid months of six-days-a-week training. My husband, who is incredibly supportive of my athletic goals, is also taking his turn as the primary athlete in the family right now, and I want to support his focused training for the Victoria Marathon in three weeks.

On Friday I went for a great sunny run out to UBC and down Spanish Banks with a girlfriend (11 km). In my entire eight months of triathlon training, I never once ran with another person. I typically run alone, even when not “officially” training, because I like to go at the pace my training plan dictates. However, it was wonderful running with someone – it made the time go quickly and it was a great way of catching up on our lives.

With all that said, I have two upcoming goal runs:

1. Haney to Harrison: I get the final 7.87 km leg of the 100km 8-person relay.

2. Fall Classic: 10km course. Aiming for a 10km personal best.

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