Posted by: Tina | September 27, 2010

Grouse Grind

On Saturday, I wrestled with my motivation, finding it difficult to go out for even a short run on a beautiful sunny day. When the kids went down for a nap, my husband suggested I go do the Grouse Grind since I had been talking about doing it for the last few weeks. For some reason, I jumped on the idea, got dressed and headed out.

I hadn’t done the Grind for awhile so I wanted to see what my time would be after my year of triathlon training. Otherwise, I normally do the BCMC trail that parallels the Grind but takes longer because it meanders a bit more. The trail was surprisingly busy, probably because the sun had unexpectedly shown its face on a Saturday afternoon.

I didn’t count the number of people who I passed, but nobody passed me. My final time, measured on my watch at the bottom and top official timing stands, was 44:09! Fastest time yet.

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