Posted by: Tina | November 24, 2010

UBC Fall Classic 2010 – Race Report

Update: The UBC Fall Classic updated the official run times on December 7, 2010. My official time turned out to be 47:38. Still a personal best, but suckier than I anticipated.

I ran the 10km event at the UBC Fall Classic on Sunday. It was cold. Disgustingly cold. Recordbreaking cold. -3 degrees Celsius on race morning! I have been training primarily indoors on a treadmill, so my body was not amused.

Nonetheless, I achieved a personal best of (officially) 46:17. Hurrah!

I should note that there was something fishy about the timing – when I crossed the finish line the display clock said I was just over 47 minutes and my own watch bore that out (and my watch distance was 10.3 km). However, my official time was 46:17. I’ll take it, but I’m not confident that it is accurate. Even so, I still ran a personal best for a 10km as I just needed to come in under 47:58. So yay!

UBC Fall Classic 2010: Notes & Observations

  • The Weather: I don’t think I’ll do this race again. Although the extreme cold (for Vancouver) was out of the ordinary, I suspect the weather is always a factor. I hear it was a near monsoon last year. I realize the weather is a gamble for any race, but I think it’s even more of a gamble when the race is in late November in Vancouver. I’ve lived here all my life – I should know better.
  • The Great Silence: At several moments during the race, I became aware of the great silence of runners around me. All I could hear for much of the run was slapping feet on pavement, panting, and the occasional throat clearing. I much prefer races where spectators line the streets and shout encouragement. The volunteers at the water stations and at some of the corners attempted enthusiasm, but otherwise the run was overwhelmingly quiet, much too quiet for my liking.
  • The Hills: Okay, so there isn’t a Prospect Point or even a Burrard Bridge hill in this race, but I haven’t been hill training, so the little ups and downs that were in the course sucked.
  • After the race: The George Michael impersonator at the post-race festivities, the one who my brother pointed out as the “male stripper”, was so random and so awesome. Also, hot spicy chili! Not something you get at many races.

Overall, I don’t think I’ll do the Fall Classic again. Still, I should reiterate that there was one overwhelming positive about this race: PERSONAL BEST 46:17.

And to conclude, I would like to address the 2010 training and racing season. You were great, I learned lots, and I had fun with you, but I am so glad you are over. It’s time to set new goals for next year.

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